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Angola: Kingdom of Mbanza Kongo has been confirmed as an world heritage site by UNESCO

Angola received last Friday at UNESCO headquarters in Paris the international certificate that confirms Mbanza Kongo historical centre as World Heritage.

During the delivery of the certificate to the Angolan Culture minister, Carolina Cerqueira, the Director of the Division for Heritage and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Mechtil Rossler congratulated the country for the unmatched worldwide value and widely recognized traces of Mbanza Congo historical centre.

Mechtil Rossler underlined the importance of this project of social integration and cultural aspect and of support for the sustainable development of the Central Africa subregion.


The Angolan minister stressed that the preservation and protection of the Angolan cultural heritage is part of the political agenda and National Development Programme.

Carolina Cerqueira revealed the intention of a jointly promotion with UNESCO for the creation of a CATEDRA in Angola, specialized in cultural heritage issues.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Manuel Augusto, the ambassador permanent delegate of Angola to UNESCO, Sita José, staff of the Ministry of Culture and representatives of various scientific and cultural institutions of the African Diaspora dwelling in Paris, France.

 SOURCE: allafrica

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