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Mastermind of Christmas Day Bombing Re-arrested?

The Christmas Day bomb suspect, Kabir Sokoto, who escaped from the police custody, has been rearrested by the Nigeria Police with the aid of an alleged popular marabout named Alhaji Ali Quran.

Sokoto, according to police sources, was rearrested at the   Nigeria/Chad Border in Borno State few hours ago.

The Police were said to have sought the assistance of Quran who is popular with tracking down suspects with voodoo powers.

Police detectives are on their way back to Abuja with the suspect.
kabir sokoto







President Goodluck Jonathan, irked by the questionable escape of the Boko Haram suspect, had issued a 24 hours ultimatum for the suspect to be rearrested.

Kabir Sokoto who was linked to the Christmas day bombing that claimed about 43 lives escaped from Police custody under questionable circumstances. His escape was said to have been facilitated by Zakari Biu, a Commissioner of Police who has been suspended from the Police.

source: pointblank news

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